April 7, 2017

Visitor Visa

If you are from a visa required country and planning to come to Canada to visit your family members, friends, attending a seminar/exhibition, business visitors or just wish to explore Canadian beauty, you may be entitled to receive generous 10 years multiple visitor visa.

How to get Canadian Visitor's Visa?
In order to obtain Canadian Visitor’s visa you need to prove two major facts

that your purpose of travel is genuine and you don't want to overstay your visa or do anything illegal;
that you will return to your home country

What documents do I need to provide to prove the above facts?

To prove that your purpose of visit is genuine the following documents may be helpful:

  • An invitation letter from a family member, a friend, or a company in Canada
  • Planned itinerary
  • Booked flight tickets, hotel reservations if staying in hotel

To prove that you will return to your home country after your visit you may provide the following:

  • Savings in you bank account, Property ownership, job letter
  • Taking care of someone, like your old parents etc.
  • Having immediate family members waiting for you (spouse, children)
  • Your travel history

What can I do while on visitor visa in Canada?

You are not authorized to work in Canada and you won’t be entitled to any benefits from the government, however you are entitled to study in Canada only if the duration of your course is less than 6 months.

Many people believe that obtaining a Canadian visitor visa is a simple process. It may sound so, but it is actually a very complicated process to convince the immigration officer,  we as professionals in this field see many refused applications referred to us to find a solution for them. So if you wish to apply for a Canadian visitor’s visa as well, do not risk a refusal, start consulting with a professional and save time, money and stress.