September 18, 2017



All consultations are provided by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. Consultations are 70.00 CAD including taxes. Consultations can take place in-person, over the phone or though video conference. Duration of consultations are up to 30 minutes. Consultation is subject to Consultants/client privilege and is confidential. If you officially retain the firm during or after the consultation, you become a client of the firm. Consultations are meant to provide general legal guidance for your matter and not legal services. Legal services are though official engagement of the firm. During the consultation, we are unable to answer questions about how to fill out the forms, nor we are able to review any document. Once the payment has been done no refunds can be made. 

By clicking on the "Pay Now" button I agree to the terms and conditions.

After the payment is done you will be transferred to our calendar page to choose the date and time of consultation.